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LANDISVIEW: A Visualization & Analytical Tool by KEL, Texas A&M University

     Brief Overview

  • LANDISVIEW is a tool, developed at the Knowledge Engineering Laboratory at Texas A&M University, to visualize and animate LANDIS output maps (8-bit/16-bit ERDAS GIS format). It can also convert LANDIS output maps into ASCII and batch files.

  • LANDISVIEW provides two major functions:

    1) File Viewer: Files can be viewed sequentially and an output can be generated as a movie file or as an image file.

    2) File converter: It will convert the loaded files for compatibility with 3rd party software, such as Fragstats.

  • Some available features of LANDISVIEW include:

    1) Display cell coordinates and values.

    2) Apply user-defined color palette to visualize files.

    3) Save maps as pictures and animations as video files (*.avi).

    4) Convert ERDAS files into ASCII grids for compatibility with Fragstats, a widely used spatial analysis tool.

  • The LANDISVIEW release is also available at LANDIS-II website: http://landis.forest.wisc.edu/

  • The Principal Investigator of the Texas A&M University LANDIS-II application project: Dr. Robert Coulson. The LANDISVIEW developing team includes: Dr. Andrew Birt, Dr. Lei Wang, and Dr. Weimin Xi.

         Download LANDISVIEW Beta 1.0 (User Guide Beta 1.0 included)

         LANDISVIEW User Guide Beta 1.0 (PDF)


  • Funding for the development of LANDISVIEW has been provided by the Ecology, Biology and Management of Bark Beetles and Invasive Forest Insects of Southern Conifers Unit, the USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station.

  • Valuable contributions to the development of LANDISVIEW were made by Dr. John Waldron of University of West Florida.

  • Many individuals provided valuable feedback during the LANDIS-II developer meeting held at University of Wisconsin-Madison, including Eric Gustafson (USFS), David J. Mladenoff (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Robert Scheller (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Jimm Domingo (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Jordan Muss (University of Wisconsin-Madison), (Brian Sturtevant (USFS), Brian Miranda (USFS), Chonggang Xu (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Inga La Puma (Rutgers University), Dean Anderson (USFS), Doug Shinneman (TNC), Hong Jiang (Conservation Biology Institute) and James Strittholt (Conservation Biology Institute).

  • LANDISVIEW uses a 3rd party library (GDAL) for opening LANDIS files. We thank the GDAL team, especially Frank Warmerdam, for developing this open source library.

         For further information about LANDISVIEW development, contact Weimin Xi (xi@tamu.edu).

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Last modified on Nov 27  2006