The North American Forest Insect Work Conference (NAFIWC) is the conclave of the forest entomology community. The conference is scheduled on a five year cycle and is intended to provide a forum for discussion of contemporary issues in forest entomology. The agenda is broad-based and includes topics relating to research, development, application, and education. The ’06 conference theme is Metamorphosis-forces of change in forests. The goals of the conference are (i) to address the issue of change in the diverse subjects addressed by and associated with forest entomology and (ii) identify the critical issues where emphasis should be directed in the near future.

The NAFIWC draws together forest entomology professionals, practitioners, and students from North America: US, Canada, and Mexico. It serves to integrate and unify the annual regional conferences: the Southern Forest Insect Work Conference, the Western Forest Insect Work Conference, the North Central Forest Pest Management Work Conference, and the North Eastern Forest Insect Work Conference. Participants in the NAFIWC include representatives from the USDA Forest Service, the Canadian Forest Service, State and Provincial forestry organizations, universities, NGOs, and industry. It is the only conference where the full complement of forest entomologists assemble to discuss the state of their enterprise.

The ’06 conference will feature a plenary session in which invited speakers will provide their insight into issues of change in forest ecosystems and in the science and practice of forest entomology.
The major emphasis of the meeting will be moderated concurrent workshops dealing with topics that embrace the scope and bounds of forest entomology. The stake-holder community will be asked to identify specific agenda topics. Each workshop will conclude with a group discussion of research, development and application needs within the specific topic area. At a final facilitated group session, participants will discuss these identified needs within the context of several major topic areas and identify critical issues to be addressed in the near future. In addition to the formal sessions of the conference, guided field trips to the forest environs of the Smoky Mountains will be featured.

There have been three previous iterations of the NAFIWC: 1991 in Denver, CO, 1996 in San Antonio, TX, and 2001 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Each conference featured a robust agenda that encompassed the traditional subjects entertained in forest entomology but, in addition, considered issues of contemporary importance.  The principal benefit of the conferences was information exchange which was accomplished through plenary addresses, workshop presentations and discussion, and social interaction among the participants.  The accomplishments of the conferences were captured in published proceedings.  Participation in the conferences has ranged from ca 275 to 375 registrants. 

Robert N. Coulson
   Texas A&M University

  Contact for Program
    Kier Klepzig
    USDA Forest Service

Fred Hain
   N.C State University

Rusty Rhea
   John Nowak
   USDA Forest Service


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