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Current Publications

2019 - Kantola, T., J. L. Tracy, P. Lyytinäinen-Saarenmaa, H. Saarenmaa, R. N. Coulson, A. Trabucco, M. Holopainen.
Hemlock woolly adelgid niche models for the invasive eastern North American range with projections to native ranges and future climates. iForest –Biogeosciences and Forestry. Doi:103823/ifor2883-012 (NULL)
2019 - Tracy J.L., T. Kantola, K. A. Baum, and R. N. Coulson
Modeling fall migration pathways and spatially identifying potential migratory hazards for the eastern monarch butterfly. Landscape Ecology 34:443-458 (NULL)
2019 - Kantola T, J.L. Tracy, K.A. Baum, M.A. Quinn, and R.N. Coulson
Spatial risk assessment of eastern monarch butterfly road mortality during autumn migration within the southern corridor. Biological Conservation 231:150-160 (NULL)
2018 - Tracy, J.L., Trabucco, A., Lawling, A.M., Giermakowski, J. T., Tchakerian, M., Drus, G.M., and R.N Coulson
Random subset feature selection for ecological niche models of wildfire activity in Western North America. Ecological Modeling 383:52-68. (Go to link)
2018 - Fitzgerald, M., Coulson, R.N., Lawing, A.M., Matsuzawa, T., and K. Koops
Modeling habitat suitability for chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes verus) in the Greater Nimba Landscape, Guinea, West Africa. Primates. (Go to link)
2017 - Andrew G. Birt, Szu-Hung V. Chen, Kristen A. Baum, Maria D. Tchakerian, and Robert N. Coulson
The Influence of Nest Site Selection on the Population Dynamics of Africanized Honey Bees in an Urban Landscape Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 162:315-327 (Go to link)
2016 - Rangel, J., Giresi, M., Pinto, M.A., Baum, K.A., Rubink, W.L., Coulson, R.N., and J.S. Johnston
Africanization of a feral honey bee (Apis mellifera) population in South Texas: does a decade make a difference? Ecology and Evolution (Open Access) (Download PDF)
2016 - Kantola, T., Lyytikäinen-Saarenmaa, P., Coulson, R.N., Holopainen, M., Tchakerian, M.D., and D.A. Streett
Development of monitoring methods for Hemlock Woolly Adelgid induced tree mortality within a Southern Appalachian landscape with inhibited access iForest Biogeosciences and Forestry vol. 9, pp. 178-186 (Go to link)
2015 - Juliana Rangel, Kristen Baum, William L. Rubink, Robert N. Coulson, J. Spencer Johnston, Brenna E. Traver
Prevalence of Nosema species in a feral honey bee population: a 20-year survey. Apidologie. (Download PDF)
2015 - Andrew G. Birt and Robert N. Coulson
Southern Pine Beetle Herbivory in the Southern United States: Moving from External Disturbance to Internal Process In A.H. Perera et al. (eds.) , Simulation Modeling of Forest Landscape Disturbances. Springer. (Download PDF)