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Computer capabilities have been created to accommodate development of integrative software systems. The computing environment features a variety of high end PC-based platforms. KEL also has outstanding peripheral hardware and software to facilitate landscape ecological analysis and synthesis and construction of computer systems for problem-solving and decision making. The KEL facilities include both a computing environment and an ecological laboratory complex.

Computing facilities used by KEL (state-of-the-art hardware, software, and networking equipment).

The emphasis of KEL research

Commercial software products have been selected in order to simplify transfer of KEL products to clients and to reduce problems associated with subsequent care and maintenance of the systems. As spatially referenced data are an extremely important component of KEL research and development, a substantial commitment has been made to GIS. The GIS facility features ESRI products. Emphasis has been placed on technology needed for GIS database development, map and image processing, spatial analysis, display, and INTERNET delivery of products. KEL facilities also include substantial laboratory space designed specifically for ecological research. Laboratory and field equipment suitable for a broad range of ecological studies has been assembled. In addition, KEL facilities include wet labs and a shop, with an assortment of hand and power tools.