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Judy Adams

 Forest Service   

Matt Ayers

 Dartmouth College   

Barbara Bentz

 Forest Service

Wayne Berisford

 U. GA.

Ron Billings

 Texas Forest Service

Andy Boone

 South Carolina Division of Forestry

John Borden

 Simon Fraser University

Wayne Brewer

 Auburn, U.

Loyd Brown

 Entopath, Inc.

Harold Burkhart

 Virginia Tech

Steve Clarke

 Forest Service   

Robert Coulson

 Texas A&M University

Don Duerr

 Forest Service

Mary Ellen Dix

 Forest Service

John Foltz

 U. FL.

Rich Goyer


Fred Hain

 NC State U.

Loren Iverson

 Forest Service

Kier Klepzig

 Forest Service

Dave Kulhavy

 Stephen F. Austin State University

Jesse Logan

 Forest Service

David Loftis

 Forest Service

Fred Limp

 U. AR

Bud Mayfied

 Florida Division of Forestry

James Meeker

 Forest Service

Paul Mertin

 Forest Service

Evan Nebeker

 MS State University

Forrest Oliveria

 Forest Service

Tom Payne

 U. MO

Terry Price

 GA Division of Forestry

K. Raffa

 U. WI.

Lynne Rieske-Kinney

 U. KY

Scott Salom

 Virginia Tech

Dan Slone

 Forest Service

C.T. Smith

 Texas A&M University

Fred Stephen 

 U. AR

Brian Strom

 Forest Service

Harold Thistle

 Forest Service

John Waldron

 Texas A&M University

Dave Wear 

 Forest Service

Steve Williams

 Forest Service

Dave Wood

 UCA, Berkeley





Conference Highlight

Date: Aug.11-14, 2003
Mountain Lake Hotel,
Pembroke, VA
Mountain Lake Hotel

Steering committee

Dr. Kier D. Klepzig USDA Forest Service
Dr. T. Evan Nebeker Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology, Mississippi State University
Dr. Forrest L. Oliveria USDA Forest Service
Dr. Scott M. Salom Department of Entomology, Virginia Tech              
Dr.Frederick M.Stephen Department of Entomology, University of Arkansas

Workshop coordinator

Dr. Robert N.Coulson Entomology, Texas A&M University 


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